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Some Of The Plastering and Rendering Services We Provide


We provide a complete plastering service including skimming, re-skimming, complete refurbishments, new builds, renovations and extensions.


Damp proofing solutions

We are Sovereign Approved Contractors and are experienced in identifying sources of damp, diagnosing damp problems and providing damp proofing solutions. From rising damp to condensation control. Through are work with Sovereign we can offer 10, 20 and 30 year Sovereign guarantees.

Basement Tanking

We are Sovereign approved contractors and are very experienced in converting damp basements in to fantastic liveable rooms. From the initial tanking to make your space dry though to the design process with electrics, plumbing and decoration. We can provide the full package to convert your damp basement in to an amazing liveable space adding value to your home.


Venetian polished plaster and Micro cement 


Venetian polished plaster or marble plastering as it is also known is a decorative plaster coating with a luxurious look and feel. There are many different styles and colours available. 

Micro Cement 

Micro cement is a decorative coating which offers a wide range of finishes , styles and colours it is 100 % waterproof and incredibly durable it can be used in bathrooms , wet rooms , kitchens it can even be used externally , to makes sinks and on furniture and work tops. these are the reasons it is fast becoming the new material of choice for designers and popping up in retail shops , restaurants and homes . Please click here to view our micro cement page for more details  

Dry Lining , Plaster boarding

Whether its ' tacking ' on to stud or ' dot and dab ' on to masonry dry lining is the covering of a background with plasterboard which is then taped , filled and sealed ready for decoration.

Artex removal

Artex was applied before the mid-1980s and is now seen as out dated. Our plastering team can bond and skim over leaving you a fresh, clean and flat surface.  


Plasterer in Ulverston and Furness 

If you require any of our high quality plastering services throughout Ulverston , Furness and the whole of the South Lakes, call us today on 01229 343 090 / 07972 688 438 or complete our contact form with your details.